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Everyone Loves HUGS—Have you had YOUR HUG today?

Everyone Loves HUGS

By: Linda Busby,RN

Shelby County Health Department


Everyone Loves HUGS

Have you had your HUG today?

As we know there are many different kinds of hugs ranging from the polite hug to the never-ending rocking side to side embrace hug. And just as there are so many ways to hug there are endless reasons why hugs are wanted and needed. Today I want to share HUGS with you!

What is HUGS?

My Tooth Hurts!


When I was pregnant with my first child, my tooth started hurting. It was a terrible tooth ache. My dentist told me that my body needed more calcium to build the baby and it was drawing off of bones and teeth. But, I could not have an x-ray because of the pregnancy and they wanted to limit the drugs they gave me. It was awful. I had to have a root canal.